Flood Risk Assessment Service

To book your Flood Risk Assessment please contact Campbell Utilities on 028 8774 9061 or enquiries@campbellutilities.com

What does a Flood Risk Assessment involve?

During an assessment, our Site Assessor will carry out a full flood risk assessment of your property. During the survey we take care to gain a comprehensive flood history of the property and surrounding area; ensuring that all potential points of water ingress are identified in order that a complete range of flood protection measures is recommended, this includes;

  • taking detailed measurements of all doors, windows and apertures
  • inspecting all drains and pipe work
  • advising particularly on sewage backflow prevention
  • inspecting all service points and cables that may prove vulnerable in flood conditions
  • checking for low lying airbricks and vents, particularly those that may be hidden under decking, or under doorsills.
  • inspecting brickwork
  • making recommendations with regard to additional pointing to prevent seepage through porous brick
  • to advise on the most cost-effective, sustainable solution.

Our survey report will make recommendations about suitable flood resistance measures and will highlight areas where remedial work might be carried out to assist the effective implementation of flood resistance measures. Consideration is given to the type of building, its age and structure. On acceptance of our survey recommendations, a detailed quotation is issued and programme of works developed for installation.