Flood Victims in N.Ireland call for help as Relief Scheme is announced in England

In the aftermath of the recent flooding the Government has announced plans for a ‘Repair and Renew Grant Scheme’ for businesses and homeowners affected. This scheme is only available in England at present and to those affected between the 1st December 2013 and the 31st March 2014. This grant is in addition to the already existing ‘Bellwin Scheme (Emergency Financial Assistance)’, ‘Severe Weather Recovery Scheme’ and the ‘Farming Recovery Fund’ available throughout England.

Northern Ireland’s homes and businesses were also badly affected. 5,800 properties have now been flooded since December 2013 but are currently ineligible to apply for any assistance through the range of schemes announced. With the new grant scheme also supporting businesses that were not actually flooded, the question is when will Northern Ireland residents receive the assistance from the government they need? Campbell Utilities are working to support home and business owners across Northern Ireland who also could do with much needed financial assistance to help make their properties flood resilient.

The scheme is administered via local councils throughout England and will be up to a maximum of £5000. The grants are to be used to make improvements to the property to help protect against future flooding and not intended to cover the cost of standard repairs.  Local authorities are encouraged to facilitate the resilience work. The scheme also supports all businesses in affected areas by offering 100% business rate relief for 3 months regardless of the amount of time affected.

It is understandable that Northern Ireland Residents are asking what support are we receiving to help flood protect our homes and business?